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Breakfast salad of Champions

Fact: 1780294 out of 1780294 American Gladiator contestants who ate this for breakfast kicked the patooties of contestants who ate Wheaties or Kurt Vonnegut’s 1973 novel for breakfast. You just can’t argue with those numbers.

For a long time, I always skewed to the “-unch” side of “brunch,” taking the non-breakfast savory route out whenever possible. In college, that usually meant settling for last night’s tofu parmigiana over danishes or “Eli’s Breakfast Sandwiches.” And I was one of roughly two people I can remember who could fathom touching the salad bar, even if brunch ran from 11 to 1h30. But now, in this post-mandatory meal plan age, I can create a happy compromise between my palate and gastronomic acceptability norms. It’s a breakfast salad. And it’s so freaking nutrient-packed that dietitians should shed low-sodium tears of hushed awe upon beholding its calcium-rich glory. And it tastes like sweet, nutty victory.


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Say it With Pork

pork and sonsToday, Valentine’s Day, I finally obtained something that has been the object of my lust and desire for quite some time now. I am infatuated with it, I am in love with it, I never want to part from it. It is my new cookbook, Pork & Sons, which — complete with pink gingham cover — serendipitously arrived in the mail today, my porky little valentine.

After all, who wants chocolates or roses when they could have pork? Or at least this kind of pork. (more…)

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And on that note…

Claire mentioned two cookbooks in her post that I wanted to highlight, because I think they are both top-notch:

Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyonemadison.jpg
The title says it all. The recipes are entirely vegetarian – and many are vegan or have vegan variations – but the cooking in it will appeal to almost anyone. The reason, in my opinion, is that it’s not a book about how to make wheat gluten taste like bacon. It’s a book about how to bring out the best in vegetables and grains, which are pretty goddam good things on their own. And even if you love to chow down on some animal flesh from time to time as I do, there are a lot of good reasons to eat less meat these days whether for your health, for your wallet or for the environment. This book will show even the most vehement of carnivores that there’s more to vegetarian cooking than tofurkey.

Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything
bittman.jpgOK, the title is probably an overstatement, but every time I’ve turned to this book for a particular dish, it’s been there. It was the first cookbook I ever bought, and I still use it regularly. A great primer for a novice chef and a good reference for anyone, it comes in a very soothing shade of yellow. Bittman now has international and vegetarian versions of this book, which I’m eager to have a look at and cook from. If anyone’s used them, I’d love to hear about it.

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