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Coleslaw is one of those dishes that evaded my understanding for a long time. A pile of shredded cabbage drenched (sopping, in fact) in mayonnaise, flavorless, textureless, and mushy? Mm, sign me up. No wait, keep that as far away from me as possible. No, I don’t want it on the side of my sandwich, or my fried chicken, or anywhere in my immediate or not-so-immediate vicinity.

I’ve increasingly been suspecting, though, that not all coleslaws are created equal, and that coleslaw can, in fact, be not only palatable, but delicious — crispy, refreshing, bursting with flavor. I’ve been seeing it on a lot of sandwiches lately, in its not so mayonnaisy, greasy form. And so, recently, I have decided to give coleslaw a second chance. And it has been revelatory. (more…)

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Editor’s Note: Molly made these two beautiful salads for the dinner party I brought my mac and cheese to. When I tasted how delicious they are, and also how wonderfully they complemented the mac and cheese, I asked her to write up the recipes for a post the same week as my mac and cheese post. And there you have it, a whole menu! Just add dessert. – CS

When deciding what to cook, I try to let two factors inform my decision: seasonal availability and the contents of my cabinets.  For a potluck dinner a few weeks ago that I knew would feature mac n cheese as the main entree, I chose to bring these two salads: Orange Salad with Red Onion and Olives, and Moroccan Carrot Salad with Ginger.  I settled on the former because navel oranges, which we all love,  are in season during winter, and on the latter because of the copious quantities in my cabinets of various spices that  the recipe called for.  (more…)

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Hot Comfort


I got off the Bolt Bus (which receives my hearty endorsement) at around 3 pm on Sunday. It was grey and rainy and windy, and I had no idea what to cook. All I knew was that I needed some serious soul-warming.

I hit the damp remnants of the farmer’s market about 15 minutes later to see what I could scrape together. I saw leeks and immediately thought of soup. I grabbed a few, some potatoes, some carrots, some parsnips, and a pint of heavy cream, and I was ready to make some industrial strength comfort food.


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pickles-birds-eye-viewOne of my first days in New York, back on a blustery late fall afternoon in 2006, I met Rick of Rick’s Picks at the Union Square Farmers’ Market. I was a confused recent graduate fresh out of a bad job inteview, and I wandered into the famers’ market as a safe haven. And there was Rick — cool as a cucumber (fresh, not pickled), wearing aviators and giving out samples of his astounding variety of pickles. I read the New York Times article he had laminated and clipped to his stand — we’d gone to the same college, where he, too, hadn’t known where things were all headed. And then he moved to New York and still couldn’t figure it out, and then he moved to Brooklyn and started a pickling company. Now, I am still confused about where things are headed most of the time, but thanks to Rick, I have at least learned that there’s more than one kind of pickle out there in this big wide world.

If only I had had as much success over the past two years as the mighty pickle. Pickles are becoming a new hot thing, or maybe have already become the new hot thing. After all, Momofuku has been serving them practically since day one, and now Rick’s Picks are everywhere (and I doubt Rick is the one manning the booth anymore). And that makes sense — after all, if we’re all trying to get back to the land, then of course we’re going back to the good ol’ days of “putting up,” that is, canning and preserving. And of course we’d want to expand our repertoire beyond the “pickle” hereafter to be known as the cucumber pickle. (more…)

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At my elementary school, we were often subjected to “glazed carrots,” which somehow combined the worst elements of candy and vegetables. Simultaneously tasteless and grossly sweet (even to eight year-olds), a lot of glazed carrots wound up in the dumpster behind Duncan Chapel Elementary.

Needless to say, I am wary of sweetened carrots. But, sick of roasting carrots, I tried a Deborah Madison recipe for glazed carrots. And guess what? It turns out that glazing good carrots with a SMALL amount of sugar actually yields edible results. Good results, in fact.

My favorite thing about this recipe is that it really doesn’t require anything you shouldn’t always have on hand. Aside from carrots that is.

Carroty goodness after the jump.


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It’s summertime and picnic/cookout season is in full swing. And for those of you interested in showing up to the party with something aside from a six-pack, here’ a quick recipe for pickling carrots (or other vegetables).

Pickling is in vogue these days, I think because it has a sort of back-to-the-land feel to it. A lot of you have probably never considered making your own pickles, and those of you who have probably decided not to for the same reason I did – you though it involved boiling jars and lids and sterilizing everything in sight.

Not the case at all.


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