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Salade Nicoise


Summer is a tough time for cookery, especially in a hot city of small kitchens. Although there’s great produce to be had, the idea of spending much time in front of the stove is unappealing to say the least.

Which is why summer cooking takes some adjustments: Nothing in the oven unless you’re able to leave the room while it’s in there, nothing that requires constant attention on the stove top, etc. This is why hearty salads – like Salade Nicoise -are such a good summer option.

Salade Nicoise is a classic French composed salad – “composed” is just a fancy work for a salad that has all the ingredients piled on top rather than tossed in – and although it does have cooked ingredients, they can be prepared in under 30 minutes. And it’s a Julia Child favorite, so – in honor of the upcoming movie that I can’t decide whether or not I want to see – here it is:


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About them beans…

I promised yesterday that I would post about the green beans in the picture below. So here it is:

This is a technique that works with pretty much any green vegetable, but is especially good with green beans and their cousins and any kind of leafy green: Boil some water, enough to add the veggie to with out overflowing the pot. Add in the veggies for a little bit, until their color darkens and they soften a little bit. This is really short (~15 seconds) for things like spinach, a bit longer (45 secs to a minute) for green beans, and even longer for a tough fucker like kale. Take the vegetables out and run them under clod water. Some recipes will tell you to plunge them into ice water. I think this is overkill.

Guess what?


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