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This quick supper combines two easy concepts that any budding home chef should master: Scrambled eggs and creative use of leftovers.

Scrambled eggs are just the best: Easy to make, cheap as dirt, infinitely customizable, and ready in minutes.  They’re good for a quick breakfast or a simple dinner, and they’re a really great way to make your friends happy when you go in together on that weekend share.

And the ability to look into your fridge, pull out a thing or two, and throw together something decent to eat is a skill developed by practice and one that will start to make you very happy as you get better at it.

I had some friends over on Saturday afternoon, and everyone brought some snacks. When I opened my fridge on Sunday night, tired and not really feeling like cooking, I saw leftover smoked salmon and a little chunk of herbed goat cheese. And with that, it was scrambled egg time.



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