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Editor’s Note: Molly made these two beautiful salads for the dinner party I brought my mac and cheese to. When I tasted how delicious they are, and also how wonderfully they complemented the mac and cheese, I asked her to write up the recipes for a post the same week as my mac and cheese post. And there you have it, a whole menu! Just add dessert. – CS

When deciding what to cook, I try to let two factors inform my decision: seasonal availability and the contents of my cabinets.  For a potluck dinner a few weeks ago that I knew would feature mac n cheese as the main entree, I chose to bring these two salads: Orange Salad with Red Onion and Olives, and Moroccan Carrot Salad with Ginger.  I settled on the former because navel oranges, which we all love,  are in season during winter, and on the latter because of the copious quantities in my cabinets of various spices that  the recipe called for.  (more…)


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One winter’s day I showed up cold, bedraggled and hungry at my friend Leda’s door. As is her style, she effortlessly produced the perfect salve: a steaming bowl of these Greek potatoes. It’s comfort food at its finest — filling (starch!), warming (zingy garlic and olives!) and easily consumed with a spoon while watching TV.

This dish also gave me new appreciation for the potato. It’s more than a reliable base for the surrounding ingredients; its got its own buttery flavors and a great spectrum of texture, from floury to pliant to crispy. In this recipe, the outsides of the chunks reach that final stage during a 15-minute fry in olive oil, and the result is a great counterpoint to the juicy tomatoes, olives and onions. (more…)

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