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Polenta finalOften, when I’m looking for a quick dinner, I try to make a large serving of something typically considered a side but load it up with veggies and proteins enough to make a proper meal.  Read: I’m often eating rice or pasta at home.  While I love rice and pasta, and try to vary what kinds I’m using and what I’m serving them with, I was looking for something different recently.  Bingo: Recipes for Health in the New York Times recently suggested polenta.

I went to Raffetto’s in Manhattan, an Italian-foods specialty store that thank God is cash-only, since I am perpetually cash-strapped, or I would have serious credit card problems there.  Since quick was what I was after, I purchased a bag of pre-cooked polenta that only needed five minutes on the stovetop to be ready to eat.  I also picked up a can of San Marzano tomatoes and a zucchini at a small market nearby, and I was set to make polenta with zucchini and tomatoes.  This recipe is great because it can be fully made in about 30 minutes, or, if you are particularly pressed for time, many parts can be made ahead of time, and can be mixed and matched. (more…)

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As I posted on Tuesday, I recently made dinner for my new roommates. Not being able to fit all the wonders into one post, I decided to split it into three. Tuesday we saw the hors d’oeuvres and the wine, and next Tuesday we’ll see the chocolate pudding dessert. Today, though, the meat of the meal.

Literally. Let’s talk about some meat. We don’t talk about meat all that much at FJ, both because of concerns of localness/sustainability and also because…well, because we’re po’ and often cooking for just ourselves, and so despite the occasional splurge or reasonably priced roast chicken or the now ubiquitous butter burger, we often stick to veg product (and bulk food items, and bacon). And that’s a shame, because meat is delicious, and doesn’t absolutely have to destroy the earth.

Another reason I think a lot of you might avoid cooking much meat, or slightly nicer cuts of meat, is because you don’t know how to do it. For one thing, that’s silly. Meat is not that hard to cook. For another, this recipe makes it even sillier, because it is so, so very easy. (more…)

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