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my greatest triumph this week: cold edamame salad

my greatest triumph this week: cold edamame salad

Last week, I announced that I would be leaving New York in a month (now more like three weeks) and that, in my remaining time, I hoped to use up as much of my squirreled away food as possible. And, as you could probably tell from the list I made on that post, I have a lot of food squirreled away. So, I decided to test myself against eGullet’s “A Week Without Shopping” challenge, in which, basically, you give up shopping for a week and live off what is already in your pantry or fridge. (You can read the full rules on my previous post, or on the eGullet site.)

Here, in brief, are the things I learned:
1.    I do not own enough Tupperware for a challenge like this.
2.    Making a giant amount of curry for one is never a good idea.
3.    Sliced almonds and edamame are both more versatile ingredients than I would have expected.
4.    You can never have enough cheese or eggs.

What I really learned, plus my day-by-day rundown, and a few recipes (including the most amazing cold edamame salad) after the jump…


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Rich drunk man's French toast?

Rich, drunk man's French toast

Bread pudding is such a wholesome name; the pudding industry would do well to spread some cash around Madison Avenue and get this Plain Jane dessert a snappier handle. How about Rich Man’s French Toast? Tell me that doesn’t have moxie. Well folks, the fat-cats at Big Pudding may not be opening up their wallets anytime soon to support my rebranding efforts, but at least good people of New Orleans have already done their part by livening up the homely pudding building blocks of egg, milk, sugar and soggy bread with a much needed shot of whiskey. In Italian coffee drinking circles such an addition is known as a “correction,” a sentiment I could not agree with more.

Now since this is a Cajun recipe, let us take a moment up front to get the obligatory catchphrases out of the way: Laissez le bon temps roulez! Mon cher! Bam!

Are we done? Good. The canonical ‘Nawlins bread pudding with whiskey sauce comes from the city’s Bon Ton Cafe. Go looking for other recipes and you’ll find that while proportions differ the basic ingredients are always the same, and every last one of ‘em, from the Silver Palate Cookbook to gumbopages.com, credits the Bon Ton. Today the Junta’s chief contribution to this legacy is to suggest that you make it with challah. There are plenty of good reasons to use challah instead of French bread: it’s rich, it’s sweet, and it’s soft enough to be easily turned to a puddingy mush. But to be honest using challah is an idea this juntero came not by any conscious choice of his own but rather because, as Ben Franklin once said, “sake-bombing is the mother of invention.” (more…)

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Finally, the meal that began last week with fig jam h’ors doeuvres and sparkling wine and pork roast with collard greens and polenta comes to a close. And what better way to usher in fall and winter, and to bring a comforting, cozy meal to an end, than homemade chocolate pudding?

Everyone loves chocolate pudding, and while Jello has its place (especially the chocolate vanilla), homemade chocolate pudding is so easy and so decadent, that there’s really no reason not to be making it all the time (other than maybe your waistline). My roommates were so astounded by the fact that I made this from scratch — by the fact that it is possible to make chocolate pudding from scratch — that the look on their faces as they ate it was alone worth the minimal effort that went into it.

And, as is an increasing theme, this recipe sneaks a little alcohol into the whipped cream. Let’s see Jello do that. (more…)

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