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Salade Nicoise


Summer is a tough time for cookery, especially in a hot city of small kitchens. Although there’s great produce to be had, the idea of spending much time in front of the stove is unappealing to say the least.

Which is why summer cooking takes some adjustments: Nothing in the oven unless you’re able to leave the room while it’s in there, nothing that requires constant attention on the stove top, etc. This is why hearty salads – like Salade Nicoise -are such a good summer option.

Salade Nicoise is a classic French composed salad – “composed” is just a fancy work for a salad that has all the ingredients piled on top rather than tossed in – and although it does have cooked ingredients, they can be prepared in under 30 minutes. And it’s a Julia Child favorite, so – in honor of the upcoming movie that I can’t decide whether or not I want to see – here it is:


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This one, ladies and gentlemen, is a keeper. One of those recipes that go in the mental repertoire to serve as a reliable fallback for any occasion, provided all the hungry mouths in need of feeding eat bacon.

And there are certainly plenty of people who can’t, don’t, or won’t eat bacon for plenty of very good reasons, and it is a point of pride for me to accommodate the dietary needs of the people I cook for.

But that just makes for all the more enjoyment when I do get to pork it up a notch.


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Coleslaw is one of those dishes that evaded my understanding for a long time. A pile of shredded cabbage drenched (sopping, in fact) in mayonnaise, flavorless, textureless, and mushy? Mm, sign me up. No wait, keep that as far away from me as possible. No, I don’t want it on the side of my sandwich, or my fried chicken, or anywhere in my immediate or not-so-immediate vicinity.

I’ve increasingly been suspecting, though, that not all coleslaws are created equal, and that coleslaw can, in fact, be not only palatable, but delicious — crispy, refreshing, bursting with flavor. I’ve been seeing it on a lot of sandwiches lately, in its not so mayonnaisy, greasy form. And so, recently, I have decided to give coleslaw a second chance. And it has been revelatory. (more…)

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Breakfast salad of Champions

Fact: 1780294 out of 1780294 American Gladiator contestants who ate this for breakfast kicked the patooties of contestants who ate Wheaties or Kurt Vonnegut’s 1973 novel for breakfast. You just can’t argue with those numbers.

For a long time, I always skewed to the “-unch” side of “brunch,” taking the non-breakfast savory route out whenever possible. In college, that usually meant settling for last night’s tofu parmigiana over danishes or “Eli’s Breakfast Sandwiches.” And I was one of roughly two people I can remember who could fathom touching the salad bar, even if brunch ran from 11 to 1h30. But now, in this post-mandatory meal plan age, I can create a happy compromise between my palate and gastronomic acceptability norms. It’s a breakfast salad. And it’s so freaking nutrient-packed that dietitians should shed low-sodium tears of hushed awe upon beholding its calcium-rich glory. And it tastes like sweet, nutty victory.


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I’d noticed a big box of Belgian endives on the shelf in the produce section of the Park Slope Food Coop every time I shopped for the past few weeks.  I’d had a really delicious endive salad in France in March, and so, with visions of Vieux Lyon and andouillette dancing in my head, I decided to find an endive salad recipe of my own.  This one — featuring endives and apples, topped with toasted walnuts and a shallot vinagrette — is what I came up with.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind about this salad.  First, a nice variation is to add some radicchio — it adds color (as you can see from the photo, it’s a pretty pale salad otherwise) and spicy flavor.  Plus, radicchio and Belgian endive are both varieties of chicory (thanks, Wikipedia), so you’re basically eating a family reunion. (more…)

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Editor’s Note: Molly made these two beautiful salads for the dinner party I brought my mac and cheese to. When I tasted how delicious they are, and also how wonderfully they complemented the mac and cheese, I asked her to write up the recipes for a post the same week as my mac and cheese post. And there you have it, a whole menu! Just add dessert. – CS

When deciding what to cook, I try to let two factors inform my decision: seasonal availability and the contents of my cabinets.  For a potluck dinner a few weeks ago that I knew would feature mac n cheese as the main entree, I chose to bring these two salads: Orange Salad with Red Onion and Olives, and Moroccan Carrot Salad with Ginger.  I settled on the former because navel oranges, which we all love,  are in season during winter, and on the latter because of the copious quantities in my cabinets of various spices that  the recipe called for.  (more…)

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I was feeling lazy and alliterative on Sunday evening, so I was very glad when my friend Julia came over with the recipe and ingredients for this salad.

She got this recipe from our friend Jana or Jana’s sister or some maniac who accosted her on the subway. Her story was suspiciously opaque. But wherever she dug it up, putting sausage in salad is a good idea.

Maybe I’m a rube, but I’d never thought about using sausage as the protein for a salad. Chicken breast? Definitely. Tuna? Sure. Beef? Absolutely.

But sausage is an excellent choice as well; plus, it’s cheap and easy to prepare. So even if your annoyed by all of my stupid sibilants in this salad’s silly sobriquet, you should give the recipe a try some time.


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