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egg salad

Egg salad is another thing (like coleslaw) that I thought was pretty disgusting until I made it myself. And then I realized that it’s delicious — and easy, and cheap. And endlessly variable. Here are some guidelines: egg salad is best when it’s freshly made, slightly warm, not too mayonnaisey, and served open-faced on a piece of toasted bread. It needs something a little acidic, something a little onion-y/crunchy, and a little spicing.

Another guideline: Egg salad likes to have other things mixed into it, or eaten on top or alongside it. Consider egg salad your canvas! I have listed a couple suggestions for toppings and side munchies below, which I’ve distinguished by whether you want to put them directly on top of your sandwich and eat altogether in one bite (toppings) or whether you want to eat between bites of sandwich, for a change of flavor/texture (side munchies). Side muchies can, I suppose, also be toppings, depending on how adventurous you are.

And, as the last feather in egg salad’s cap of endless flexibility, it should be noted that it can serve as any of the three meals of the day: a savory breakfast, a quick lunch, or a light supper. So get crackin’. (more…)


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This may be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever made. And one of the easiest. And now that I know how brilliant and easy it is, one of the most destructive, as I will now be eating it on a really regular basis, and it might be best saved as an occasional treat. But no matter, it is so good, and so easy, and I think I might have come in contact with a divine force during my first bite.

I never was particularly interested in BLTs — they seem empty to me, vapid, naked, and unsubstantial. But a BLT with avocado and egg? Now we’re talking. (more…)

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