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I was feeling lazy and alliterative on Sunday evening, so I was very glad when my friend Julia came over with the recipe and ingredients for this salad.

She got this recipe from our friend Jana or Jana’s sister or some maniac who accosted her on the subway. Her story was suspiciously opaque. But wherever she dug it up, putting sausage in salad is a good idea.

Maybe I’m a rube, but I’d never thought about using sausage as the protein for a salad. Chicken breast? Definitely. Tuna? Sure. Beef? Absolutely.

But sausage is an excellent choice as well; plus, it’s cheap and easy to prepare. So even if your annoyed by all of my stupid sibilants in this salad’s silly sobriquet, you should give the recipe a try some time.



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This looks suspiciously like the bread pudding I made last month...

Being a naive Yankee, the question, “y’all want dressing with your turkey?” caused much consternation during my first Thanksgiving as a college freshman in Missouri. What, like ranch? Thousand Island? Is it for dipping? No ma’am, w’all most certainly did not want dressing on our turkey. Dressing on the side, please.

Of course I quickly learned that dressing is the football to stuffing’s soccer, the Hardee’s to its Carl’s Jr., and in doing so I doubled the number of my favorite things to eat at a Thanksgiving dinner. I dream of some day attending a Thanksgiving where both a dressing and a stuffing are served, and the current Obamalutionary zeitgeist suggests that this day may be closer than we had ever dared to hope, but in the meantime I will content myself with today’s recipe. It takes my two favorite types of stuffing, cornbread dressing and sausage stuffing, and brings them together with that great social lubricant, alcohol.

Before we get down to brass tacks, I’m worried that the esoteric booze choice might keep you from ever making this recipe. Because seriously, why the hell do you need a bottle of Pernod in your kitchen? How are you going to use that thing up? What is Pernod?


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