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Time for Lunch

We’ve said it before, I’m saying it again, and we will probably say it again before the month is out: It’s time to change school lunch. Not in a nebulous wouldn’t-it-be-nice way, but in a concrete Congress is scheduled to reauthorize the Child Nutrition Act in September, and it’s time to show them that we care way.

You aren’t a kid? You don’t have kids? Think school lunch doesn’t affect you? Think again, and while you’re at it, check out my posts on the topic — Why a Twenty-Something Should Care About School Lunch for the blog Civil Eats and No More School Lunch Baloney for the Slow Food blog.

The quality of school lunch affects everyone in America, whether or not  you or your child is eating it. So please, read up, sign the Time for Lunch petition, and organize or attend an Eat-In on September 7th.


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Finish Your Ketchup


Despite what a good anecdote it makes about the low quality of school lunch, ketchup was never actually declared a vegetable. Hash browns and french fries, however, were:

school-lunchSchool meals like this don’t exist because congress doesn’t want to provide our kids with good nutrition – and there are 65 pages of regulations to prove it – but because they only give schools a dollar a day per kid and thousands of pounds of government cheese to do it with. (For how the results of this compare with school lunch around the world, check out this blog.)

Obama is looking high and low to reduce costs in the medical system, and there’s a great one lurking in school cafeterias across the US. If we don’t stem the tide of childhood obesity, its burden on our health care system is going to be titanic. Besides which, a well-fed kid is a happy kid, better able to stay awake and focused in his afternoon classes. To accomplish this, we need to give schools more money to feed kids, remove the stigma associated with eating school lunch, and provide educational programs that teach kids about nutrition and physical activity and encourage them to try new foods.

The time for this is now and our best opportunity is the renewal of the Child Nutrition Act pending in congress. Time for Lunch is leading the charge for this important change, and I encourage you read about their work and join the fight to get real food in schools.

Read on for a letter from the campaign, and please consider supporting this important effort.


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