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(This post is part of our ongoing collaboration with the Yale Sustainable Food Project, and it also appears on their blog.)

I love eggplant, but if I’m going to be eating it, then give me lavender ones, white ones, striped ones, small truly egg-shaped ones or ones that are long and curvy and look almost like purple peppers. What are these purple pepper looking eggplant, you ask? White eggplant, you ask? Yes, reader. Eggplant does not have to be dark purple and globular and often relatively flavorless. Eggplant can, in fact, be delicious, and worthy of the most simple treatment, showcasing it as the centerpiece of the dish itself, instead of just a vehicle for cheese and tomato sauce (eggplant parm) or covered in soy sauce (every stir fry ever).

I’m talking about none other than Japanese eggplant (also called Chinese eggplant), which unlike the eggplant you may be used to (supermarket, or American, eggplant) comes in a variety of shapes and colors, and which I find both more tender and more flavorful than its lunky brethren. Japanese eggplant seem, to my eyes at least, more delicate and also sleeker, plus, did I mention this already, I really do think they taste better. (more…)


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