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squash tart

What to do with all that awesome homemade ricotta from last week (other than boasting about it incessantly)? Here’s a recipe I dreamed of, and the reason I made the ricotta in the first place — the ricotta’s raison d’etre, if you will.

I’ve been seeing ricotta-squash tart everywhere recently, by which I mean at both Buttermilk Channel and Vinegar Hill House, both in Brooklyn, both homey new American style restaurants with a farmhouse decor. Aww.

And both with food that — while delicious — I felt pretty confident that I could duplicate at home. Well, this isn’t either of their tarts exactly, but it was pretty good nonetheless. What did I learn? I learned that if you make a good enough tart crust, and have good enough ricotta for the filling, and have good quality toppings,  you can make just about any kind of savory tart you want. (more…)

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bacon and onion tart

Twelve boxes for my movers, a couch, a bed, a rug, a chair, and 6 boxes of books totalling 180 lbs for the post office later, I am officially back in Berkeley for May and June. As this blog seems to spread news of my life more efficiently than I can in person, and as many inquiring minds seem to want to know: I am back in Berkeley for May and June, traveling in July, and moving to Minnesota (!) in August for grad school. So there’s the big reveal.

And what better way to kick off a few months in Berkeley than with food politics, art, and a return to buying packages of bacon? (more…)

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Oh, the pleasures of cooking at home (i.e. my parents’ home), where I not only have more space and light, but also the following: a food processor (though I have that in New York now, too, but squirreled away in an upper cabinet that discourages use), a double boiler, an electric beater, and a fluted 9-inch tart pan. All of which meaning I could make this beautiful lemon tart (or, properly, tarte au citron) – a dish not totally inconceivable in my New York apartment, but perhaps not the most practical.

I had a lemon tart in mind when I went searching for this recipe (for dessert after these braised lamb shanks): I wanted a crumbly, butter crust with an oozy filling (as opposed to the lemon-bar-type lemon tart filling). This one, from Bouchon Bakery, fit the bill nicely, plus the added touches of a pine nut crust and a broiling the pie at the last minute to caramelize it. (more…)

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