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100_1866As I’ve said before, you really don’t need any fancy kitchen equipment to cook 99.5% of the things you’re likely to want to make at home, and I think investing in any big, expensive equipment (Antigriddle, anyone?) when you’re first starting out is a poor decision.

There are, however, a few intermediate toys that are nice to acquire along the way. Ones that aren’t too expensive and will get used often enough to make them worth the storage paper. A food processor is one. A mortar and pestle is another.

And a mandoline is one I highly recommend. It looks like a medieval torture device, but it’s much more affordable and it will make perfect thin slices of zucchini for this “pasta” faster than you can say antigriddle.


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As the proud owner of a part of a CSA share — and thus the owner of 2 lbs of summer squash every week for the last month and a half –- my recent discovery of the “Recipes for Health” series in the New York Times’ Health section has been a real boon. Operating on the premise that cooking for yourself is the best way to eat healthily, Martha Rose Shulman offers recipes that use seasonal ingredients in, at least to my sometimes uninventive culinary mind, off-the-beaten-path ways. It helps that she’s not a skimper on eggs and cheese, but that’s perhaps for another post. Over six days about a week and a half ago, she printed five recipes that revolved around summer squash. A fan of things Spanish and eggy, I made the Pisto Manchego to bring in for lunch at work (but, sadly, ended up forgoing the eggs since they’re not transportable as prepared in the dish).  Below is my adaptation of the recipe. (My comments are added after the dashes where I made changes.) (more…)

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